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Months ago, the morning after…the longest day of the year, a nascent starseed brood swarmed together “aiming not simply to debunk norms and truths but also to invent structural and systematic models of alien complexity”(1).


Human flesh was consensually spilt over a stereo-lithographically printed haruspex and together between the bloody washes and oozing plasma they sculpted a novel arrangement, a hyper sigil of representational mazic media, by sampling splinters of culture that spoke to the complexity and pluralisms they wanted to conjure.


Through twisted time systems they created contact points that oozed, synthesising a primer for earthbound aliens, downloading rhizomatic networks of autonomous narratives, that straddled a decentralised ebb of information from this 3D flow, they found a gateway amongst the data refuse they nicknamed it “The Waxing”.

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